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Arkray Assure Dose Control Solution

Arkray Assure Dose Control Solution. For use with the Glucocard Vital blood glucose meter. Normal Level 1 Control Solution.

AR 500005

Arkray Glucocard Vital Blood Glucose Meter

Arkray Glucocard Vital. Everything a blood glucose meter should be. Fast accurate and easy to use. A tiny 0.5 size in our GO based test strip platform gives accurate results in as little as 7 seconds. This auto coded meter has a 250 test memory to help you keep track of your vitals.

AR 761100

Arkray Glucocard Vital Test Strips

Arkray Glucocard Vital Test Strips feature 3 month expiration dating. 0.5 size. Glucose Oxidase. Biosensor technology.

AR 760050


The Arkray USA Multi-Lancet Device is a white, spring-loaded device that is primarily used to obtain capillary blood samples. This Arkray lancing device has five different settings for maximum comfort and includes an adjustable tip and a safety cap for user protection. With its innovative spring mechanism, the lancet pen device was made to be painless and easy to use. Additionally, the devices small size makes it easier to transport and store away.

AR 660016

Arkray TechLite Lancets

Arkray TechLite Lancets are sterile and disposable devices for capturing blood. A great solution for people who lance frequently or have thin skin.

AR 880128


Arkray Glucocard 01 Blood Glucose Meter. Designed with auto code technology at a competitive price. Clinical data shows GLUCOCARD 01 to be highly accurate. 7 second test time. Highly accurate. Alternate site testing. 360-test memory. Time and date stamp. 14 or 30-day average.

AR 741100


Arkray Glucocard 01 Test Strips. Test strip bottle has clear bottom so you can see the number of test strips you have left.

AR 720050