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Little Ones 2 Piece Standard Closed End Pouch

ConvaTec Little Ones Two Piece Standard Closed End Pouch. Designed for convenience and security of a two-piece closed system for pediatric needs. Eliminates the need for a tail clip. One-time use.Two-sided comfort panels.


Little Ones 2 Piece Standard Drainable Pouch

Little Ones 2 Piece Standard Drainable Pouch. Designed for infants and children with an ostomy. Specially designed to comfortably fit the unique body contours of a child.Flexible and durable. Easy to remove. Two piece system permits easy pouch removal and easy repositioning to ensure unobstructed draining. Includes traditional tail clip.


Little Ones 2 Piece Standard Skin Barrier CTF

ConvaTec Little Ones 2 Piece Standard Skin Barrier. Smaller dimensions to fit a young childs body comfortably. Soft and pliable adhesive collar applies easily and anchors securely. Dries quickly after bathing. Standard skin barrier with flexible tape collar.White. Cut to fit.


Little Ones 2 Piece Standard Urostomy Pouch

ConvaTec Little Ones Two Piece Standard Urostomy Pouch. A pediatric sized urostomy pouch features a nonreturn valve to help prevent urine from pooling at the base of the stoma thereby helping to prevent leakage and extend wear time. Pouch also provides easy access to the stoma for inspection plus cleaning and pouch replacement. An adapter connects to a container for continuous nighttime drainage. Small dimensions help to ensure a comfortable fit. Transparent. Two night drainage adapters in each.


Little Ones 2pc Drainable Pouch With InvisiClose

Little Ones Two Piece Adhesive Coupling Technology Standard Drainable Pouch With InvisiClose Tail Closure System. A durable 8 inch pouch with one-sided comfort panel and InvisiClose Clipless tail closure system.Specially designed to comfortably fit a childs unique body contours. Flexible and easy to remove so there is little discomfort.Utilizes Adhesive Coupling Technology that connects the pouch to the skin barrier and eliminates the need for plastic rings that have to be snapped or locked.


Little Ones 2pc Skin Barrier With Adhesive Couplin

ConvaTec Little Ones Two Piece Extra Small Skin Barrier With Adhesive Coupling. Exclusive adhesive system attaches the pouch and skin barrier using a tape-like adhesive which eliminates the need for a plastic ring. Extra small round barrier is a Stomahesive skin barrier with no flexible border. Sized appropriately for tiny babies. Cut to fit opening.


Little Ones One-Piece Drainable Pouch (Transp.)

ConvaTec Little Ones One-Piece Drainable Pouch is designed to fit a childs body contours as comfortably as possible. This is a one-piece system, so it makes disposing each pouch easy. The pouch is durable, flexible, and easy to remove. With the Stomahesive Skin Barrier, the barrier will feel gentle on the skin. The opening of the pouch is cut-to-fit, while there is also a one-sided comfort panel and a tail clip included.