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Medline Equos Sterile Bordered Gauze


Medline Catheter Plug & Drain Tube Cover

Fit most Foley catheters and drain bags.The Catheter Plug fits securely into the funnel end of most Foley catheters. The Drain Tube Cover protects the connector on the drainage bag. Sterile.


Medline Povidone Iodine Solution

Contains 10 weight by volume Povidone Iodine, USP solution equivalent to 1 available iodine.Effective for skin and mucous membrane preparation prior to surgical procedures or first aid antiseptic.


PDI PVP Iodine Prep Swabsticks

PDI PVP Iodine Prep Swabsticks are designed to have more germicidal activity than an ordinary Iodine solution does. The swabstick is made to be non-irritating and is not supposed to sting when applied to the skin. This swabstick is also saturated with a 10 percent USP Povidone-Iodine prep solution that also provides an antisepsis. Each swabstick is packaged for single use.

PI S41125

PVP Iodine Scrub Swabsticks

PDI PVP Iodine Scrub Swabsticks. Provide longer germicidal activity than ordinary Iodine solution and are nonirritating and virtually non-stinging for better patient comfort. 4inScrub Swabsticks are saturated with a 7.5 Povidone-Iodine scrub solution with detergents.Scrubs away dead skin, dirt, and oil so prep pads and swabsticks can be more effective. 3 swabs per package.



Medline Silvasorb Silver Antimicrobial Hydrogel provides an antimicrobial barrier with continuous protection for the wound. The gel is gentle on skin and can be kept on for up to three days. The gel is used for pressure injuries, partial/full thickness wounds, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, graft wounds, skin tears, abrasions, as well as first and second degree burns.