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Drainage Bag Sample Port Anti

ul liBARDs Urine Drainage bags feature a rounded, teardrop shape that ensures more efficient drainage/li liLatex-free and bacteriostatic drainage bags are also available/li liThe bacteriostatic collection bag is impregnated with a novel antimicrobial agent that resists pathogens commonly associated with CAUTIs/li liOur drainage bags are available in a wide range of sizes including larger capacities/li liThe latex-free BARD EZ-LOK Sampling Port eliminates the risk of needle-stick injuries and all

BA 154002

Hollister Bedside Urinary Drainage Bag

Hollister Bedside Urinary Drainage Bag has an anti-reflex valve that helps to prevent any urine backflow to go into the tubing. The drainage bag comes with a sheet clip, a bed hanger, and a universal tapered adapter. The sample port on the drainage bag is self-sealing and protected. The drainage bag hold volumes of up to 2000 mL of urine and also provides durable functionality.



Rusch Urinary Bedside Drainage Bag 2000ml comes with an anti-reflux valve, sample port, hook hanger and latex bottom outlet. Includes 48 inch tubing.



ul liThe Coloplast Conveen Urine Bag Hanger serves as an accessory to hang urine bags next to the bed or along bedsides./li liThis plastic hanger also features different hooks in order to suit holes on different urine bags./li liThe Conveen Bag Hanger is green in color and is quite handy for those who are not sure where to put their urine bags while being in bed./li liWhether sleeping at night or resting during the day, this accessory helps alleviate the issue of knocking over or rolling over ur

CT 5070

Urinary Drainage Bag (4000cc)

Latex-free, center entry 2L drain bag with Anti-Reflux Device and Bard EZ-Lok sampling port. Includes tubing.


Urinary Drainage Tube

60inlong extension tubing includes a connector on each end.


Urocare Urine Night Drain Kit

Urocare night drain bottle is an effective bedside drainage system for use with Foley catheters, male external catheters, Urostomy, Ileostomy, suprapubic applications, etc. It has a large bottom surface area with a small corner radius so it cannot be tipped or pulled over easily. Made of rigid, high-density polyethylene (HDPE).Includes 60 inches inof tubing.An easy-to-open cap with a large opening makes it easy to empty and clean. 2000 ml capacity.